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Wellness Clinic

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Nothing is more valuable than good health.

We know that a healthy bottom line is important to every company. We also know that unhealthy employees, which may lead to absence, turnover and increased health care costs, can have a significant impact on a company's financial health.

Gibson General Wellness Clinic is an innovative program designed to provide employee health and wellness services to area employers. Our program helps reduce health care costs while improving the quality and access of employee health care to build a healthier, more productive workforce.

With three Gibson County locations and providers to choose from, employees have convenient, timely access to the health and wellness services they need.

Employer Benefits
- Reduced health care cost. Program fees are priced per person per month for those covered under the company health plan.
- Dedicated appointment times leads to less time away from work when employees need medical attention.
- Healthier employees
- Increased workforce productivity

Employee Benefits
- Three locations for easier access, close to home and/or work
- Early and late appointment options to better fit personal and work schedules
- Common medications dispensed on-site
- Online scheduling

To Find out more about how your company can benefit from Gibson General Wellness Clinic, contact Jeff Jones, Marketing, at (812) 385-9297.

Typical Services

Gibson General Wellness Clinic is intended to provide many health and wellness services across the entire age spectrum. We provide many of the services that you would expect to receive from a family physician, such as:

- Comprehensive wellness exams
- Diagnosis and treatment of most chronic health conditions
- Treatment of acute, non-life threatening illnesses, injuries & infections
- Routine lab screenings, per provider request
- Routine Physicals: schools, sports, etc.
- Personalized wellness coaching and programming
- Prescription medications as determined by your Benefits Administrator

Some services that are not covered, include:

- Non-preventive procedures, including mole removal, wound care, etc.
- Workers' compensation illnesses and injuries
- All injections with the exception of flu shots

Locations and Providers

Michael Clark, DO
510 N. Main St.
Princeton, IN 47670
(812) 386-7001

Kwabena Owusu-Dekyi, MD
1808 Sherman Dr., Suite 2209
Princeton, IN 47670
(812) 385-9420

Fort Branch Wellness Clinic
7851 S. Professional Dr.
Ft. Branch, IN 47648
(812) 615-5071

Matt Whitmore, Health & Wellness Coach
1808 Sherman Dr.
Princeton, IN 47670
(812) 385-9239

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