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Hospitalist Program

When you are admitted to Gibson General Hospital, your primary care physician may choose to have your care managed by one of our hospitalists, physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. Because hospitalists only work with inpatients, they can provide added expertise in treating complicated diseases and injuries, less common illnesses and unexpected changes in a patient's medical condition.

Our hospitalists work as an extension to your primary care physician by communicating with them to maintain continuity and quality of care. They will coordinate care provided by specialty physicians and supporting departments, such as physical and occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, radiology, laboratory and nursing.In addition, because our hospitalists remain in the hospital, they can provide dedicated attention to ensure that tests are scheduled, performed and reviewed timely allowing them to follow up on results, take action quickly and share the information with you and your primary care physician.

The hospitalist's goal is to get you healthy and back to your primary care physician for follow-up care as quickly as possible, and the results of coordinated, timely and efficient care may result in earlier discharge.

Benefits to Patients and Primary Care Physicians
Gibson General Hospital's hospitalists are available to help primary care physicians diagnose and manage patient care while improving quality, safety and efficiency.

Patients may be seen several times a day
May result in earlier discharge
Provides the primary care physician with frequent updates regarding the
    patient's diagnosis, condition, test results and treatment plan
Physicians provide hospitalists with the patient's medical history
Electronic medical records enable physicians to follow treatment
Physicians can treat patients within the office without leaving to attend to
    hospitalized patients
Keeps office patients healthy and reduces delays in the office
Hospitalist provides detailed report and discharge summary to primary care physician
Primary care physician assumes responsibility for patient care after discharge

If you have more questions about any of our hospitalists or the hospitalist program, please call Gibson General Hospital Medical Staff Services at (812) 385-9231.
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